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There’s No Place Like Home

It’s after 10 p.m and we just arrived back from a long weekend away from home.  It’s a real rarity for us to ever leave The Compound, and although I certainly enjoyed the trip for my husband’s family reunion in beautiful Pennsylvania, I really missed being home.  I think I missed my kitchen and my own home-cooked meals the most.  We were certainly very comfortable staying with wonderful and hospitable relatives and we ate plenty of good food.  We even found a nearby bakery with Gluten-Free goodies for my son!   But I have to admit that I am just not too fond of change.   Dorothy summed it up best:  There is no place like home!  

On the long drive home to Michigan today, I dreamed of working in my kitchen and contemplated what I’d make for dinner tomorrow.  I know our garden will be overflowing from the days I missed harvesting.  Tomorrow morning, I’m likely to find beans nearly a foot long and gargantuan zucchini and yellow squash waiting for me.  My pepper plants will surely be tilting over from the weight of their sweet and spicy fruits.  I know there will also be basketfuls of cucumbers just begging to be transformed into pickles

We also bought an ice-cream maker last week and put off using it until after the reunion trip.  Maybe the super-sweet and nearly too-ripe garden strawberries and raspberries I pick tomorrow morning will go into our first icy cold batch of the sweet creamy stuff for our dessert tomorrow.

Whatever tomorrow’s harvest may bring, I will be so happy to be back sharing my kitchen endeavors here with you!