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Front Yard Gardeners Unite!!!

Just a quick post about a story which is spreading like weeds, not just here in Michigan, but across the globe.   A family in Oak Park, Michigan has planted their front yard with a beautifully maintained vegetable garden and are facing persecution at the hands of the City as a result.   Here and here are a couple links to local and national news clips about the story.  And click here for this citizen’s own account of her “adventure” so far in blog format:

Although I personally don’t live in a subdivision, and don’t have to worry about complaining neighbors, in addition to the huge garden and greenhouse we plant, we are also Front Yard Gardeners.  Here’s a shot of our house taken last summer:

Tomatoes and Peppers and Basil, OH MY!!!  :-) 

Please stop on over to Julie’s Blog or her Facebook Page and show your support!  I know I’ll be watching the outcome of this story closely!   GO, Julie!!!